Hi, I'm Rebecca.
On this site, you'll find written interviews I've done for publications, online pieces about what I'm loving in fashion and skincare right now, and, of course, my resume. Through my various experiences in the creative field, I've honed my ability to reach a target audience by penning a good story.
I picked the above quote because while, yes, I'm enamored by the Jazz Age (and have been since the 9th grade when The Great Gatsby was required reading), I think it also perfectly encapsulates my mood of the moment.
We could all use a reminder to keep doubt at bay, and breathe dreams like air. I hope by perusing my little corner of the internet, you feel dreamy, informed, and inspired.
{Things about me nOt FoUnD oN mY ~*rEsuMe*~: i bake galette a lot (French-countryside-escapism is A Thing), as soon as the temperature goes below 60, i use it as an excuse to watch the season 1 Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl immediately, and my favorite word from the 19th century that people don't use anymore is "sanguine." I know you were wondering!}

 "Breathing dreams like air."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

also, enjoy this hazy picture of Versailles.